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The Constant

now you know how people with glasses see.
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You want community? Be community.

You want love? Be loving to others.

You want friendship? Be a friend.

You want something more? Be something more.

Sometimes the things we want most in life, start when we are the first to initiate it; so go out, and be.

T.B. LaBerge // Go Now (via tblaberge)

High Waisted Vintage Shorts 
I’m so happy I found these shorts! Finally, a pair of high waisted shorts that aren’t TOO SHORT! Haha. I’ve been told that these are really similar to the pair sold by American Apparel. These run true to size and are sold in two washes: medium and dark.
For anon request: Here’s handsome Austin during our pumpkin carving date.
Why don't you talk/show more of you and austin?

I guess it’s something that’s never crossed my mind. I’ve never been that girl to always talk about her boyfriend. I’m always content with our relationship,that I never feel the need to share about how crazy I am about him.
Believe me,I certainly hold back from posting all these pictures and stories of us.

But anon,I will take into consideration about adding more “Austin and Abby” into my blog (:


Pretty much stares at me while driving always.
Why do you want to study Elementary Ed and Spanish? You seem to have a strong love/hate relationship with it lol

Good question. I have been asking myself the same question for days now. And you’re right, I do have a love/hate relationship with the degree because the job is nothing but constant changes, rotten apples in classes, mean parents, and competition. But, I look on the positive side. To teach a child to read and write is a skill in itself and I have asked myself if I will ever be qualified to do such a thing. Knowing how to read and write is powerful and if I can give that to a child- I get goosebumps just thinking about it. Going into this profession it is not for me, and certainly not for money, the job will never be about me but about the students in my class. 

Now with me going to Madrid next spring for my minor adds another little stem to my goal. I one day hope to teach to Spanish speakers in the US, though I do not wish to teach them English. I hope to instead ease immigrant children into the country comfortably with a good education. They will move on from my class setting after sometime when they get legally acquainted in the country to another (public school) where they will be an ELL (English Language Learner).

This will be a government job. And that is scary to think. Never thought this is where my calling would be, but recently it is where I feel called. If that means moving to Texas soon after graduation, and dragging Austin along then so be it. It is not about me, it’s about my one day estudiantes. 

awkward question... but you and austin engaged?

nope (: we have figured it’s a bit too soon. I have just started school and him with a great new job. I’ll let you guys know in a couple years (:

Artist: Johnnyswim
Album: Heart Beats- EP
Song: Don't Let It Get You Down
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Artist: Luke Sital-Singh

Song: Nothing Stays The Same
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I’m only a freshman and I already feel the incredible competition in the Elementary Ed world. Damn.